Price range

Provision contact lenses are a great range of daily, fortnightly and monthly disposable contact lenses. At Total Contacts, you can buy your Provision contacts from the comfort of home, and have them delivered to your door. We supply the full range of Provision disposable contacts.

Probalance Range

Probalance contact lenses are monthly disposable contacts made from silicon hydrogel, a highly breathable material. Probalance contacts can correct most vision issues: they are available in spherical powers, toric form (Probalance Astigmatism) and to correct age-related focusing changes (Probalance Multifocal). Just enter your optometrist prescription to order Probalance contacts online.

Proview Elite Disposable Contact Lens

Proview Elite contact lenses offer everything you need in a daily disposable contact lens: excellent all day comfort and easy lens application and removal. Proview Elite lenses have built in UV protection, are highly breathable and are also available in toric form (Proview Elite Astigmatism). Buy Proview Elite contacts the easy way with Total Contacts.

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