Price range

Menicon is Japan’s first and largest contact lens manufacturer and today Menicon has representation in over 80 countries. At Total Contacts, we supply the full range of Menicon Miru contact lenses, across both daily and monthly disposables:

  • Menicon Miru 1 Day Flat Pack
  • Menicon Miru 1 Day Flat Pack Toric
  • Menicon Miru 1 Day Upside
  • Menicon Miru 1 Day Upside Toric
  • Menicon Miru One Month
  • Menicon Miru One Month Multifocal


Menicon’s Miru Flat Pack lenses are a great choice for the environmentally conscious. Not only is the slimline packaging great to pop in your bag, it uses 80% less material and the boxes they are supplied in are made from recycled lens moulds. And you can recycle the packaging when you are done with it!

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