Price range

Buy Alcon contact lenses online through the team at Total Contacts and have your prescription lenses delivered to your door. It’s the easy way to buy contact lenses online in Australia.

To purchase your Alcon contact lenses, all you need is an up-to-date contact lens prescription from your optometrist. We stock the full range of Alcon monthly lenses: Air Optix Night and Day and Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde (including versions for astigmatism and multifocals). We’ve also got all the Alcon daily contact lenses: Dailies Total One (including multifocals), Dailies Precision One and Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus (including torics and multifocals).

Daily Total One Contact Lenses

 Alcon’s Daily Total One contact lenses offer exceptional comfort throughout the day. Total1 lenses are the first and only contact lenses to use water gradient technology to enhance comfort. This means the outer edge of the lens is almost 100% water, creating a cushion of moisture. Total One contacts offer the latest in daily contact lens technology.

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