1-Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal (30)


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Contact lenses are the best way to address presbyopia (deterioration of vision with age). As you get older, you might find it difficult to read fine print or see in low light. This is natural and can happen to everyone. Most people are very reluctant to wear glasses to see better and end up straining their eyes.

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Our daily disposable Acuvue Moist Multifocal will give you crystal clear vision without forcing you to wear glasses. While there is a slight difference in vision when you wear glasses, you won’t even notice the presence of lenses. The daily disposals will give you near perfect vision without the hassle of glasses. You’ll be able to see clearly, whether the object is near or far, in low light, or bright light. You’ll never have to strain to see again.

Acuvue Moist Multifocal is available in the prescription range of -9.00 to +6.00 with a range of powers, including High, Mid, and Low ADD power. The 30-day pack would last you comfortably for a month, and more, if you don’t wear your contact lenses daily.

The lens is made from the same material as the Acuvue Moist and contains about 58% of moisture. This ensures that it would be comfortable to wear throughout the day. It also offers the highest level of UV protection available in contact lenses to ensure that our eyes are healthy in the long term.